2021 Online Registrations Open

Post date: Jan 11, 2020 11:01:24 AM

1. Apply for $100 Voucher Code via Service NSW Website


Only players aged 4.5 – 18 years’ old can apply for the voucher code.

2. Go to https://www.playfootball.com.au

3. Click on “Find a place to play”.

4. Choose the age group that you want to register with.

5. Enter club's name "Hurstville City Minotaurs SC (SGFA)" and click on club's name in the

drop-down menu.


7. Click on "Get Started"

8. If you already have an account with playfootball, click on "Sign in".

If you don't have an account with playfootball, click on "Continue" to create an account.

9. Follow the prompts to get registered. You will need to upload a photo during the registration

process. Check all your details to make sure they are correct.

Please bring the receipt/invoice and ID (Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence or Passport) to the club house at Beverly Hills Park on one of our registration days to complete the registration.

Or email to petersarikakis@bigpond.com

Any furthur questions, please contact Peter on 0412 407830 or via email petersarikakis@bigpond.com